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The Realm of Vocal Qualia
Singing to Please the Mind
Miracle Voice

Atsuhiko Mogi Editoinal Department


Within each of us lies a person who wants to
sing, and because of this we each strive to sing.

The Miracle Voice will not appear unless we draw it
out from within.

Table of Contents
Volume 1 Concepts of Vocal Qualia

01. The Realm of Vocal Qualia
02. The Fighting Mindset
03. Just the Thought of Holding a Glass Makes the Arm Tense
04. Everyone Wants to be Great in Something
05. The Most Beautiful Side of People
06. Brute Force Singing
07. Conventions with Established Singing Perceptings
08. Perceptions on Singing Manifest in the Singing Voice
09. Singers and Anatomy
10. The Hidden Miracle Voice
11. There is Something Truly Exceptional to this Enjoyment
12. Remove all Musical Genres
13. The Power of Imagination has Width,Hight,and Depth
14. The Moment a New Story Begins
15. The Tremendous Power of our Impressions
16. The Solo Shortcut to Miracle Voice
17. The Audience can See through Everything

Volume2 The Stimulated Brain is Pleased
18. Inherited Sensitivities
19. Why does Sphere Roll?
20. Nothing can Begin with Traditional Singing Styles
21. Concepts of Vocal Qualia Explained though the Principle of Leverage
22. The Focal Point of the Miracle Voice
23. The Stimulated Brain is Pleased
24. The Stimulated and Pleased Brain Grows Hot
25. Stimulating the Brain while Sharpening the Senses
26. The True Battle of the Fighting Mindset

Volume3 Mechanisms of Brain Stimulation
27. Will is Man’s only Strength
28. The Waltz can’t be Danced in a Sharp 3/4 Time
29. The Unique Method of Taking in and Entrusting
30. The Miracle Voice never Passes through a Wholesaler
31. Begin to Sing without Allowing the Brain to Rest
32. The Battle Mode of the Fighting Mindset
33. The Medalists who don’t Allow their Brains to Relax
34. Masters of Recitation
35. The Mechanisms of Brain Stmulation
36. A Beautifully Simple Singing Structure
37. The Realm of Miracle Voice